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Intuitive eating on the go – holidays, social gatherings, vacations

September 16, 2019 No Comments

Intuitive eating on the go – holidays, social gatherings, vacations

September 16, 2019 No Comments

Intuitive Eating on the Go – Social Gatherings, Vacations, Parties, etc. 


I just wrapped up a 3 part series on Intuitive Eating. One of the topics I riffed on was how to eat intuitively when we go on vacation, go to parties, and social gatherings, etc. I talked about the ‘all or nothing mindset’ and how that leads to what most people refer to as ‘falling off the bandwagon’.  


Before we dive in, I want to preface this by saying, I approach intuitive eating with health as the foundation, and pleasure as part of the equation. If you look up the word intuitive on google, another simple word pops up to describe it; instinct. 


Instinctually, our bodies require whole foods that are found in nature to survive and thrive. Our brains however are bombarded by clever food marketing, addicted to dopamine hits from sugar, and are programmed from our childhood to eat cheap, fast & easy food. ANDDDD let’s be honest, some of these foods are down right delicious. Sorry not sorry, but have you seen the Food Network shows?! I basically want to be wherever Guy Feiri is. 

Eating intuitively does not equal deprivation. And depriving ourselves of these (what I call) ‘pleasure foods’ isn’t how we roll. So how do we balance between eating instinctually and eating for pleasure?


Well, I’m glad you asked. Whether you were brought up eating fast food or green juice, intuitive eating is an innate skill we can harness to our benefit. We can learn the balance of DESIRING food that makes us feel good and gives us energy while also ENJOYING the pleasure foods we once guilt tripped ourselves over. 


When you’re new to intuitive eating and you’re at a baby shower, on a cruise that has a 24/7 pizza bar, or you’re out for a girls’ night at the restaurant that serves the best burgers in the city, it can be confusing to know WHAT to do. 

Watch the training I did on how to eat intuitively on the go HERE


If you’d like to learn more about intuitive eating and the 3 part workshop series I did, click here! I talk about some of the biggest fears around intuitive eating:


‘I don’t know if I can trust myself to not eat everything and anything I want’ HOW TO BUILD SELF TRUST

‘I’m ashamed and feel guilty about eating’ HOW TO GET OVER THE GUILT AROUND FOOD



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